What is All-in Recruiting?

The current definition of being ‘all-in’ has come to mean making a full commitment to an endeavor, effort or cause–to be all-in! In 1979, the Pink Floyd anthem about being forced into submission as a participant in the brick-by-brick building of The Wall conjured dark imagery. ”All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.” Fast forward and today’s recruiting of high turnover roles, can feel much the same way.

A more usual contemporary meaning of the term ‘all in’ at the time of that song, was ‘all things having been taken into account.’ If your team or organization fully takes into account the ‘all things’ related to your recruiting efforts for each offer you make, the total resources you use are astounding! When totaling wasted people time, candidate lead sourcing spent across job boards and channels, as well as the time lost with poor outcomes, the results don’t lie.

An accurate calculation has to take the number of offers made, divided by all efforts including for those candidates who never get to an offer. The conversion rates of the current, yet still labor-intensive manual outreach and follow-up efforts are so low, that it adds up to an incredible number of hours spent for each offer made.

Are you ready? On average, your teams spend just under 10 hours of time for each candidate who gets an offer!

That is incredible productivity lost and slows a response to your valuable candidates. That’s in addition to the hiring managers’ time away from their “day jobs” of serving those in your care.

ProsperCare eliminates all of that waste to allow your hiring teams to spend valuable time focused on their critical responsibilities. From scoring pre-qualified candidates, and providing job-specific interview answers in self-recorded “Anytime Interviews,” ProsperCare exists to help companies create the fastest and most effective experience for all. The ultimate outcome is best practice-driven offer decisions and the goal of increased retention with the right candidate fit, for longer tenure and reduced turnover.