Truth #1: Focus on Retention


5 Truths of the Hourly Workforce, part 1

The life of an hourly worker looks drastically different at a supermarket than it does at a home care facility. The weekly struggles and challenges of someone working retail may be completely different than those faced by a food service employee. But there are a few truths of the hourly workforce that transcend industry, position and level. As the world of work continues to evolve, understanding these truths is crucial to successfully navigating as an hourly employer.

Truth #1: Focus on Retention

Anyone who has worked on a team comprised of hourly workers knows that losing team mates is a negative feedback loop: one person quits, so the remaining team members work longer hours and more shifts to pick up the slack. Which can lead to frustration, burnout and more resignations. Employees again must take on more shifts and subsequently longer hours to fill the gap, which leads to frustration and eventually resignation.

On it goes, with burnout and short-staffs pushing them to make the difficult decision to look elsewhere. Thus, retaining current employees should be every company’s first order of business. Is it easy? No. It requires dedicated resources and attention–which isn’t a luxury many employers have. Until there can be a focus on stemming the tide of resignations, more time and energy is required for recruitment and hiring of new candidates to keep up.

If recruiting efforts could be simplified to free up resources, a greater focus can be directed to retention and maintaining a sustainable headcount. That means that they can turn their attention toward the second truth: hiring requires resilience.


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