Time to Quit


In his book The Dip, author and business commentator Seth Godin focuses on the concept of when to quit and when to stick with solving a problem. He asks,  “If we audited your day in six-minute increments, what would we find?” This question challenges us all to assess the best use of time within our current processes, or to rethink a new answer to our approach.

Godin’s take home point? “Quit the wrong stuff. Stick with the right stuff. Have the guts to do one or the other.” When it comes to hiring managers filling high turnover frontline roles, it’s time. Quit wasting daily effort and emotional energy chasing applicants, who then no-show for interviews, and don’t respond after an offer or worse yet, fail to show for day-one on the job. It’s time to start with the right stuff.

ProsperCare solutions “pick up the slack” so hiring managers can quit wasting their valuable time and focus on their day jobs. From scoring candidate pre-interview behaviors, to bringing predictive measures, we help these busy hiring managers make the right offer decision. Godin’s summary says it all: ”When we give away our day, we give away our future.”