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You’re Needed. Be Known.

We Speed a Match of Caring People To Jobs in Care

Find a Job

A job is just one part of creating the life you want. We want to help you find a job that works for you. 

Make a Hire

It’s expensive and time consuming to find quality, committed staff. We reduce your time to pre-qualify, saving valuable time.

The Care Industry is Booming!

There’s a Team Needing a Heathcare Hero Like You.

With a professional care background or personal experience and a heart for caring, we want to help you find a great job in care. We look for heart & hustle!

SCREEN - Your needs matter, so we screen for best fit.

MATCH - We pre-qualify candidates to waste less time.

SCHEDULE - Easy interview prep for all when we arrange.

SUCCESS - We're here with you each step of the way.

Evolving Times. Steady Recruiting.

The ‘next normal’ means your focus is on on delivering quality care services, as well as a commitment to health safety. You have a high standard of excellence and so do we.

The reality is, your hiring teams only have so much time in the day.

We pre-qualify frontline candidates before advancing them to you for interview. The time of your teams is more valuable each day and better spent on care operations and less on frontline recruitment. Let us take that off their plate–it’s all we do.

Care Meets Now!

1. Choose your positions to be filled.

2. Pre-Qualified for fit, we put a matched candidate on your calendar

3. Offer all who match during your interview process

4. Support and coaching by our team during their transition to start

What’s the Alternative?

Stay hydrated, well fed, and get plenty of sleep, because you’ll be living on the hamster wheel of frontline recruiting!

You don’t want that. And we don’t want that for you!

Let’s talk…

A Better Match. A Faster Fit.

We understand you want a job matched quickly to your background, that will improve life for you and your family. That’s why ProsperCare gives you the care and coaching needed to succeed and to be your best self.

We’re your teammate and biggest fan. Your CareCoach will continue to provide support as needed to transition into your role.

Where Do You Start?

1. Click “Find A Job” to view current roles

2. Interview for a role with one of our clients

3. Match and receive a job offer

4. Grow into your career!

There’s A Role For You

Direct Care – Assist in care as needed, physical exercise, or other non-medical activities.

Care Services – Creating an excellent environment for patients or residents through service and teamwork.

Care Support – Assisting in care through customer service or administrative roles.

Fast Meets Easy

Discover A Role

From direct care, to adminstrative support, this booming industry has a job to match your skills and experience.

Care Coach Support

Our goal is to provide the help you need. We want to learn your background and pre-qualify you to take the best next step.

Interview Setup

We reduce scheduling hassles to an interview, simplify process and prepare you to connect with the hiring manager.

CareNow Model

A win from interview-to-hire. We bring a model to speed a right fit match to meet the needs of the candidate and client!

The Beginning...

During our visit to a senior care clinic in July of 2018, Carol was friendly and engaging. As our host and tour guide, it was clear she knew key details of the practice and personally recognized and greeted many of the patients we encountered. She was a committed and valued team member, and living proof of the concept behind ProsperCare.

You see, Carol had been in her role for four years and already aspired to become a Center Director to manage the entire business. When asked about her prior experience she answered, “I worked the drive through at McDonalds.” How did you find your way to this role we asked? She told the story of serving a particular customer each week, over many months. One day he drove up and said, “you’ve taken such great care of me during my morning stops to work—including my love of extra crispy hash browns—have you ever thought about a job in caring?” Carol responded, “you’d hire me…?…but I don’t have any experience or training.” Her future boss replied, “I’m not worried, you have the heart for care—we’ll train you on the rest.”

That’s when a BIG light bulb went off for us—“When it comes to care, there’s a special Carol out there.” Our mission since, has been to improve ways speed the job match for each Carol in the world, with a vision to support overlooked and undervalued talent. From hospital-to-hospice, this fast growing market needs all the hearts we can find—thanks Carol for being our inspiration!

My Care Coach was in contact with me the whole way through the hiring process, and she was the first person I called after my successful intervew. I tell everyone I know to find a job through ProsperCare!


Direct Care, Calabasas

This is the first time I’ve talked to someone about a job and they were really interested to know how I was doing. That was a first for me.


Caregiver, Hollywood

I needed an extra job that could fit around my schedule when my son started college. ProsperCare helped me find a job that was a match for me.


Caregiver, Westwood

I interviewed with other companies who never got back to me. But my ProsperCare Coach gave me the reassurance that there was somebody who would guide me through the process.


Caregiver, Thousand Oaks

Our Team

Todd Williams

Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

Business strategy and channel growth

Anil Jagarlamudi

Chief Technology Officer (Co-Founder)

Strategy, technology architecture, design, and product development

Zivile Taylor

Director of Market Operations

Process-to-product management and growth strategies

Kelsey Key

Care Coordinator

Candidate experience, process improvement and product support