No New Math in Hiring

We’ve heard for years that ‘new math’ can bring fresh insights into how we can arrive at answers to age-old problems. When struggling to solve any math challenge, it helps to have the correct inputs as we work to solve the equation. To solve the problem of staffing for frontline roles, success requires ‘new math’ awareness of two key factors; low hiring manager control combined with low commitment candidates.

In fast-paced settings where time is precious, any process step that relies on the hiring manager to take steps within a given time frame is prone to failure. Roles in ‘low control’ face-to-face settings such as healthcare, hospitality or technical services yield natural time pressures. By no fault of their own, these low control managers are faced with constant hiring expectations which run up against realities of fulfilling duties of their day-job. At the end-of-the-day (literally), they must prioritize mission-critical job realities.

When it comes to staffing for roles in these environments, the second key factor is reliability and predictability of the applicant pool. The skill level and corresponding wage rates of frontline jobs attract candidates who have demonstrated one consistent trait; low commitment. From the time of application through an accepted offer and then beyond into the pre-hire process, candidates are nearly as likely to no-show at each stage as they are to complete it and advance. These low commitment candidates strain the resources invested by the company, which must account for significant wasted time and people-effort to yield one successful hire.

To create a sustained competitive advantage in hiring, those companies who solve for ‘low control + low commitment’ will win the war for talent. By having as little people-time devoted to uncertain outcomes, the hiring company can spend valuable resources when and where it matters most, with qualified and committed candidates.

ProsperCare eliminates ineffective hiring processes to allow hiring teams to spend valuable time focused on their critical day jobs. From scoring candidate pre-interview behaviors, to bringing predictive hiring measures, ProsperCare exists to help companies make better offer decisions and increase retention with the right candidate fit, for longer tenure and reduced turnover.