Ikigai or Hedgehog?

When each of us considers what creates a fulfilling work experience, it is usually reduced to a few key factors that when combined, make for “the right” fit. As Covid-19 moves from pandemic to endemic in our communities, many have taken some time to reflect on their work and what they truly desire from that part of life. Whether making a big change, or just a shift, many workers have considered what may be needed next, for them to make a jump in their career progression toward greater fulfillment.

In his book “Good to Great,” Jim Collins put forth the Hedgehog Concept–that is, where does each of us have an overlap of passion, talent and an engine for adding value? Collins’ approach was originally focused in the business context, but he has since adapted it to the general makeup of people. It mirrors, in many ways, a Japanese theory and the elements needed for purposeful living known as “ikigai,” –translated; reason for being. Aren’t we all interested in this deep concept? The challenge is putting it into practice as a guidepost for living.

Many searching for “their next” step would benefit from a way to quickly understand and better predict a match for fit, when it comes to their next career choice. By employing “matching criteria” at the point of apply, ProsperCare works to determine that “fit” for both the candidate and their prospective hiring manager–in fact, it happens instantly! We think we’re the “Hedgehog” who works hard to quickly match candidates with great jobs that fit. We love to help those we serve–that’s our “ikigai.”