A Big Boom!

Who will care for 80 million seniors in the next decade?  The total number of senior citizens will exceed 80 million by 2030. Furthermore, with an average increase of at least three years in life expectancy per person, one person needing 24-hour care in their elder years could create a need for 3,000-plus healthcare shifts for themselves alone.

What does this mean?  This increase in the number of seniors needing care has led to forecasts of around 1.2 million new employees being recruited to the industry by 2025. This points to an overwhelming need for a more robust pipeline of frontline care workers in an already scarce pool of candidates.

The need is not limited to doctors and nurses, but includes candidates, often from other industries (hotel, restaurant, etc.), who may lack an extensive healthcare background but who have transferable customer service or personal care experience. If not addressed, this issue will lead to overworked employees, a decline in retention rates, and ultimately, seniors not receiving the quality of care they deserve.

Moreover, COVID-19 has disproportionately taken a toll on the senior population, resulting in an added strain on their caretakers. As the number of cases among seniors continues to rise, so does the urgency to have the necessary staffing to keep seniors healthy, especially since 60% have two or more underlying conditions.

The pandemic also elevated the importance of health safety standards across the healthcare industry, adding further value to those in caregiving roles. When married to the projected growth of an aging population, COVID-19 creates even more pressure for healthcare facilities to stay fully staffed, while sustaining their recruitment efforts.

The Solution. ProsperCare provides recruitment automation and workforce solutions to pre-qualify and engage candidates from apply-to-90 days on the job. Identifying, nurturing and growing a candidates’ potential to serve in a caregiving role, especially without a professional care background, builds strong candidate advocacy to increase their success through onboard and helps reduce “early-hire” stress to improve retention rates.

With ProsperCare on their side, healthcare facilities can focus on the health, safety and smooth operations imperative to serving those under their care, rather than the distracting process of the “hiring hamster wheel.” ProsperCare provides the processes, technology and content needed to help meet a growing demand for invaluable caregivers.

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