5 Truths of the Hourly Workforce, part 4


Truth #4:  Adapt to Win the War for Talent

The pandemic has taken a toll on many industries, but none more than with healthcare professionals. According to a recent report by Morning Consult, health care workers who say they disapprove of the way their employers have handled the pandemic “cited poor communication around changing safety protocols, inadequate personal protective equipment, low pay and a general sense of being disposable.* The cure to someone feeling disposable? Showing care, respect with personalized attention whenever possible. Exactly what the employer hopes is being offered to those in their care. 

The desire to feel cared for and respected–as a human being and an employee–is universal. Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky claims an organizations’ responsibility of compensation, needs to expand the definition of the word. Individuals want to feel a “sense of status and gratitude,” in addition to taking home a paycheck.** Projecting this feeling, from the time a candidate ‘applies’ and through the initial months in a new role, can inspire that critical sense of connection and camaraderie. It costs little and requires intentionality, but can make all the difference in the world. 

Inspiring loyalty runs both ways between the candidate, for an employee and with an employer and extends far beyond the job and time clock. Never underestimate the connection with people on a human level. In turn, they may be more willing to take on increased activities or challenging shifts and work longer hours in times of need. Winning at this level demands an investment mentality, starting with new candidate recruitment, but will return significant dividends in the battle against turnover. There is no better way to ensure the battle can be won than truth #5, flexibility.

ProsperCare has proven that speed equals trust from “apply-to-offer” for high volume hiring. Its solutions and services reduce process friction to yield instant candidate matches to interviews. ProsperCare buys time for employers to focus on engagement with their teams, to promote career pathing and to reduce turnover.

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