We Spend Our Time Working To Save Yours.

Workforce Solutions to Engage Your Frontline Candidates from Apply-to-90 days on the Job.


Your teams can focus on health safety and smooth operations to serve those in your care. We bring process, technology and content for consistent staffing from apply-to-90 days on the job.

Goodbye to the Hiring Hamster Wheel.

Our Solutions

Your Success

  • tell us your roles and openings
  • your ads + our ‘quick response’ link
  • we design customized role ‘skill filters’
  • we pre-qualify + match by location
  • we coordinate your interviews
Your Time Is Valuable

Get Our JobFair Advantage

  • no need to coordinate interview schedules
  • we only notify you when a candidate is ready
  • eliminates no-shows for your hiring team


industry avg. cost/hire

whose job

is it to ensure offers = starts?


rate of turnover in care roles

How It Works

  1. a one hour call helps us to learn your roles and hiring needs
  2. we customize ‘skill filters’ to match best fit for your jobs
  3. we build your landing page where applicants pre-qualify

1. You Post Your Ad

  • use your normal channels and job ads to reflect your current openings
  • our ‘quick response’ link directs applicants to gauge experience and fit

2. They Pre-Qualify

  • your custom ‘skill filters’ automatically identify the best applicants
  • candidates get an immediate notification about being a match for your role

3. Candidates Join You In Our Online JobFair

  • matched candidates are messaged to join your upcoming job fair
  • you set weekly days + times that work for your hiring teams
  • candidates show up at your designated time and we get them ready
  • our CareHost notifies your hiring team with a 10 min. heads up
  • the hiring manager joins and privately conducts the interview

4. We Engage Next Steps

  • we’ll help you to advance candidates quickly to improve their chance of moving from offer to start
  • we then engage, encourage and survey from onboarding through 90 days in their role

90 minutes from apply-to-offer?

it’s a possibility for matched candidates who apply the day of your job fair

You Choose When to Pay

Our fees are earned based on your success and allow you to control costs and lower risk.
We pre-qualify candidates and increase speed to optimize your applications from apply-to-interview. 
Earned at Time of Your Offer

No limit to the number of candidate interviews

It's completely your decision to make an offer

Decide on the spot, or in a follow up

At offer we immediately engage candidates to move them quickly through screening and to a start.
Earned at Their Start Date

You use your normal screening processes

Our job is to get candidates quickly started in theirs

The success fee is paid once they start

We engage new hires to support a smooth onboarding, transition success and team stability.
Earned fully at 90 Days on the Job

We build trust through the onboarding process

We survey to gauge satisfaction and grow their early confidence

New team members desire an advocate in their role

Candidate Hiring Experience Matters

The best candidates desire an experience that matches your company and the culture of excellence you want to convey.

“I interviewed with other companies who never got back to me. ProsperCare gave me the reassurance that there was somebody who would guide me through the process.”


Caregiver, Thousand Oaks

“This is the first time I’ve talked to someone about a job and they were really interested to know how I was doing. That was a first for me.”


Caregiver, Hollywood

“I needed an extra job that could fit around my schedule when my son started college. ProsperCare helped me find a job that was a match for me.”


Caregiver, Westwood

Our Team

Carol’s Story.
Our Inspiration.

During our visit to a senior care clinic in July of 2018Carol was friendly and engaging. As our host and tour guide, it was clear she knew key details of the practice and personally recognized and greeted everyone we encountered. She was a committed and valued team member.

Carol had been four years in her role and aspired to manage the entire practice as the Center Director. When asked about her prior experience she answered, “I worked the drive through at McDonald’s.” How did she find her way to this role? She told the story of serving a particular customer each week, over many months. One day he said, “You’ve taken such great care of me during my morning stops—including my love of extra crispy hash browns—have you ever thought about a job in caring?” Carol responded, “You’d hire me…?…but I don’t have any experience or training.” Her future boss replied, “I’m not worried, you have the heart for care—we’ll train you on the rest.”

That’s when a BIG light bulb went off for usWhen it comes to care, there are many special Carols out there.” Our vision is to select, speed and support the match for overlooked and undervalued talent. From hospital-to-hospice, this fast growing market needs all the hearts we can find—thanks Carol for being our inspiration!

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